Match your commitment level to your goals

To ensure we meet your expectations we have three options to customize your training based on your goals.

elite after school FALL/SPRING 2017-18

girls/boys U12, u14, u16, u18

Fall semester August 21 - December 22, 2017 * 18 weeks

Spring semester Janury 8 - June 1, 2018 • 19 Weeks


Directed personaly by Coach Ripley Amell, giving qualified players the opportunity to benefit from his high performance training after regular school hours. Our highly specialized After-School programming focuses on player development with individual plans, a progressive training schedule, and an attention to detail that produces results.



Monday:                                        5-7pm    High Volume-Low Intensity,  Tennis Specific Movement, Science Based Physical Training, Technical/Tactical 

Tuesday:                                         5-7pm    High Volume-Low Intenisty, Tennis Specific Movement, Science Based Physical Training, Technical/Tactical 

Wednesday:                                   5-7pm    Medium Volume-Medium Intenisty, Mental Toughness, Emotional Toughness, Patterns of Play

Thursday:                                       5-7pm    Low Volume-High Intensity, Serve Patterns, Patterns of Play

Friday:                                            5-7pm    Low Volume-High Intensity, Match Preparation, Match Goal Setting

FITNESS & Psychology

Tennis Specific Physical/Psychological Training Program

  • Psychological General TPA students will set clear attainable goals that are monitored regularly by Ripley
  • TPA students will develop commitment, confidence, and emotional stability through a systematic approach implemented by Ripley
  • TPA student’s intellectual capacity will be developed through good instruction presented in a progressive and consistent manner
  • TPA students will understand the concept of domination; pressuring the opponent




TPA’s After-School Program is limited to players who are currently playing in open or designated tournaments and who have been evaluated and approved by Ripley. Contact our office to determine your player's eligibility.




3 sessions/wk/month                                 $500

5 sessions/wk/month                                 $800



Beginner / intermediate g/b u10

7-8:30pm tuesday & thursday 

Players who are beginning their long term junior career will benefit from this program helping players make the transition from Orange and Green Dot balls into yellow ball Level 7 & 6 tournament play. Players will be preparing to move into TPA's more advanced programs with players having long term College or professioanl aspirations. 

2 sessions/wk/month                                 $252


Full time training FALL/SPRING 2017-18

Half Day/ Full Day

Players must be enrolled in either Florida Virtual or K through 12 or a similar virtual school curriculum.


summer camps 2017

HALF DAY 8am to 12pm Monday through Friday

Need help on a specific part of your game? I would love nothing more than to help you. 

I have limited spaces available (8 players a week) this summer for players wanting to improve a part of their game. Open for serious players who are passionate about Tennis and looking to improve. Camp will consist of 4 hours (8-12pm) of Tennis Mon through Fri.

When players are on court so am I. One hour per day fitness training. This is a high intensity program supervised by myself. My aim is a ratio of 1:4 players per court depending on numbers. 

Just looking for match play!! We will operate a second camp 4-6pm Mon-Wed-Fri strictly dedicated to matchplay (max 6 competitors) Players will be charted and video taped.

Session 1,2,3,4             June 5-9     June 12-16     June 19-23June 26-June 30

Session 5,6,7,8             July 3-7     July 10-14     July 17-21     July 24-28

Sessions 9,10                July 31 - August 4  August 7-11         

 TPA's goal is not to pack kids into a program and call it learning.  Although we do have lots of fun its serious business, taking into consideration the precious short time during the summer players have to develop the confidence and emotional wisdom needed to move forward in their technical/tactical maturation phase. Players will develop skills to dominate their serve's, return and neutralize their opponents serve, aggressively control the point through using their primary and secondary patterns of play while maintaning a link between focus and execution. One hour every day is dedicated to tennis specific fitness so players leave quicker, stronger, more agile, resulting in making better decsions on court. Think you have what it takes to join Myself and My Assistant Coach then call Ripley @ 407 506 2149 

FEE         $250 wk Full camp (8-12pm Mon through Fri)            

                 $125 wk Match Play Camp (4-6pm Mon-Wed-Fri)

  Congradulatations Mikala Lowrance on your D1 scholarship.  Ripley has worled with Mika since she was 9yrs old. Through our long term-late maturation training system  Mika is living her dream.  We're so proud of her accomplishments. 

  Congradulatations Mikala Lowrance on your D1 scholarship.  Ripley has worled with Mika since she was 9yrs old. Through our long term-late maturation training system  Mika is living her dream.  We're so proud of her accomplishments. 


Some of our Athletes 

“TPA’s goal is to be the most positive nurturing influence in each player’s life through comprehensive sport science based modern tennis coaching grounded by ethical practices”
— Ripley Amell, Owner/ Director