Short term consultation visits

One on one with Ripley,

State/ provincial and national level players are welcome to visit Tampa over a two (8HR) or three (12HR) day. Weekend for a full workout/ recommendation session

Players are welcome to set up training sessions during winter holidays, spring break and summers. Accommodations are through Emerald Green Resort.



  • Psychological General TPA students will set clear attainable goals that are monitored regularly by Ripley
  • TPA students will develop commitment, confidence, and emotional stability through a systematic approach implemented by Ripley
  • TPA student’s intellectual capacity will be developed through good instruction presented in a progressive and consistent manner
  • TPA students will understand the concept of domination; pressuring the opponent

With over two decades of tennis experience to our credit in both the US and Canada, we invite players of like-minded goals of being the very best they can be to experience our intense on court training program, integrated with a tennis specific on/off court fitness program.
— Ripley Amell, Owner / Director

we are so proud of so many of the athletes who have come through our program