evidence based COACHING

TPA is a boutique academy known throughout Florida, the US and Canada as a sport science based full-time, after school academy recognized for it's experience in the game based (open skill) coaching concept. TPA is currently developing some of the most deticated young  talent in Tampa, Florida.

Owner/Director Ripley Amell

"Ripley es uno de los mejores entrenadores que he conocido. Su metodologia de enseñanza es didáctica y entretenida, utilizando los conceptos de técnica, estrategia y preparación física y mental del tenis moderno. En mi opinión, Ripley reune todas las cualidades que necesita un entrenador de jugadores interesados en tenis de alto desempeño. Lo recomiendo ampliamente."

Pablo González

Entrenador de Jugadores ATP/WTA

Davis Cup Team Captain (Colombia)

"Ripley is one of the best coaches I've ever met. His teaching methodology is educational and entertaining, using the concepts of technique, strategy and physical and mental preparation of modern tennis. In my opinion, Ripley brings together all the qualities required by a tennis coach of players interested in high performance. I highly recommend him."

Concept of Domination

TPA athletes implement the concept of domination; serve + 1, sword and shield, backhand cage, pressuring the opponent through the score board, while respecting all but fearing none!

systematic approach

Each TPA athlete’s "Growth & Development" is developed through evidence based sound instruction presented in a progressive and consistent manner.

developING confidence

TPA athletes develop commitment, confidence, and emotional stability through mutual respect between coach and player with emphasis on athletes leaving their daily training sessions with their self esteem intact and enhanced.


Congratulations Mika

"where other programs fall short TPA succeeds"


Through Ripley’s knowledge and experience considered to be in the top 1% of developmental coaches in the world there are two cultures of the TPA program he finds instrumental for the continued growth of it's players. These cultures differ from other junior programs around the Tampa area and even the  country. We find these cultures fit in with our overall philosophy beginning with the idea we do not believe any special equipment, money or gurus will take the place of hard work and dedication. The  following expectations are sometimes misunderstood but they are honest and produce players who are tougher mentally.

Inspiring  Athletes vs Motivating them

We spend  considerable time vetting each player who wishes to train with us through a series of interviews that establish a culture that day in and day out you are responsible for bringing the drive and motivation to train smart and hard even when you dont feel like putting forth the effort, requiring players to dig real deep within. TPA's primary responsibilty is to inspire each player through world class training, ATP/WTA player stories, analogies, understanding  the players learning style through NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming.

The "Stick"

We want our players to understand the racquet is not the key ingredient to their success. We like for them to get a very good racquet and then stay with it over time. By following this approach we take the racquet out of the players’ minds. Then there is one less built-in excuse for failure on the court.

Once in the TPA  program the racquet you have is good enough. We prefer every player either stays with their own personal racquet (as long as the company is still making the racquet) or they switch to one of the Head Radical series of racquets. Once a racquet company stops producing a personal racquet then players will need to switch to the Head Radical line of racquets.

We have very specific reasons we like the Head Radical racquets for our players. To begin with the geometry and weight of the racquet are just right. It helps to produce the kind of strokes we want for our players. Second, the Head/Penn Company has been making the Radical frames for many years and you can depend on them making the frame in some fashion or another for years to come. Latly we believe in the corporate culture of Head and support their grass roots eforts in building our great game.

“Musical” Coaches Expectation

We do not support or believe in the “musical” coaches philosophy. We never have and never will. Players and their parents interested in enrolling in the TPA  program should also realize this. The use of multiple coaches is of no benefit to our program or to the players we coach. We want the players to listen to one voice in their development.

It is important to realize on court you need to be able to trust the players around you; their attitudes toward practice, their competitive spirit and the overall integrity of the program needs to be protected. This is why TPA Development is by invitation only and is intended for dedicated tournament tennis players. Players of  TPA and their accomplishments become our culture, history and tradition.

Here are some of the focal points of this program:

    •    Players in this program are required to make the commitment of time and effort to be the best they can be.

    •    We want junior tennis players who are trying to attain a state, sectional or national ranking.

    •    During TPA sessions play strategies are emphasized in structured games and match-play.

    •    We believe the youngsters’ minds should also be consciously stressed, allowed to recover and compensate. Hence, we are one of the few programs that schedule in rest period and dedicate to the best players the best hours of the day and week for practice.

    •    TPA provides a total learning environment where private lessons provide individual attention and the drill sessions reinforce the skills learned in the private lessons.

    •    Drills and match play situations are varied throughout the year long program with new movements and combinations.

    •    We apply pressure at practice and strive to make the training more difficult to keep the player guessing.

    •    We believe in attention to detail. For us little things matter so we will go back and repeat things over and again in practice sessions until we are able to get them right.

    •    A main objective of TPA is to train with the same commitment we take into competition. We teach to our students the only outcome of value is that which is realized by utterly committing all of one’s resources to the task at hand.

    •    Tournaments are scheduled to provide coaching and match analysis.

    •    Over time, careful emphasis on a strong foundation allows players to reach higher points with their games.

We find talented tennis players to be fairly common in Florida. Young tennis players who can combine the focus, concentration and physical talents are less prevalent. These are the skills we strive to develop for our players in the TPA program. But if you are not willing to give it everything you have, to go until there is nothing left to give, then this is probably not the best program suited for you.

The greater your long term goals are the more experinced coaching you’ll need to reach your potential
— Ripley Amell, Owner/ Director